You Should Start Using SMS Ads in Your Pay Per Click Mix

Published on June 2, 2017

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Just think of this, how many times have you solved a regular business activity via SMS? How did it feel…. effective isn’t it? Well according to Forrester, over 6 billion text messages are sent out in the U.S. each day. Of those, a good portion are business related, actually 79% of companies believe that their customer would like SMS communication for business purposes as part of their Pay Per Click mix.

Back in 2014 one in five customers prefered text messages than phone calls for business purposes, now that number is much greater. And, just in case you wondering Millennials are much more favorably disposed to deal with businesses that don’t necessarily require human interaction.





Now that Google AdWords just launched Click-To-SMS ads, a new extension for Pay Per Click campaigns, here are 10 reasons why it may worth a try if you are already running a Pay Per Click search engine marketing campaign.


1- It is included within the same cost of your regular Pay Per Click campaign, so why not give your customer one more option to get in contact with you?


2 – According to WordStream you might get and increase of 50% compared to simple Click-to-Call Ads.


3 – While you need a highly skilled person to answer the phone. SMS can be pre-designed to secure your first impression, but a person needs to be trained to answer the phone. Moreover, no one wants to talk to a person, around 80% of millennials prefer to deal with companies via text messages than waiting on-hold while calling a 1-800 number (


4 – Click-to-SMS Ads avoids the hassle of having to open a website on your phone. Plus, which phones doesn’t have a SMS service knowdays?


5 – It is easier than you think to set-up. It is a new kind of extension for your Pay Per Click ads, just be sure to have a SMS able phone or system connected to your AdWord account. Your in-house digital marketing person should know how to do it.


6 – It offers real-time communication, since most SMS are opened within 5 to 90 seconds of being received. This range varies by study, but it is pretty instantaneous, isn’t it.


7 – It increases your service broadband. A single person can handle more than one conversation at the same time via SMS. It is easier to answer 5 different SMS’ threads than having to engage on a phone conversation with 5 customers at the same time.


8 – Your SMS answers provides an instant receipt, that your customers will carry on their phones at the time of their visit.


9 – SMS are great for appointment reminders. 70% of US customer appreciate getting text messages for appointment reminders, specially if you are in the healthcare industry.


10 – Every person that click your SMS ad is open to one to one communication, they are giving away their phone number, so you can contact them afterward. Be aware that some restriction exist for this type of communication.



Of course, as in everything, SMS Ads will not work for every company. Here are some weakness of SMS for your business:


  • Your product or service needs to be easy to define. If you have a complex offer, that is not easily explained in 200 words. Maybe you will be better served by regular search engine marketing process.
  • It will not replace your landing page strategy if your customers are not 100% sure about their needs. For example: making an appointment for annual check-up with your dentist is perfect for SMS. On the other hand, a person that needs a root canal may prefer to review information before making an appointment.
  • Click-To-SMS will only work for customer reaching your ads via mobile phones. So your market needs to be mobile, which is almost every market today.
  • For now there is no way to assess conversions, only clicks, other than the actual number of SMS received.


There you go, another way to connect with your customer for your Pay Per Click campaigns. Now you can serve those customers that prefer to send a text rather than calling your business. All that without an additional investment and a possible 50% increase in CTR than the already successful Click-to-Call ads.

Have you tried click-to-SMS Ads? we’ll love to hear about your experience.


About the Author: Fernando is dedicated to digital marketing performance at a digital marketing agency located in Miami, FL


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