Why does your website needs a blog as part of your Digital Marketing plan?

Published on August 2, 2017

A common question, whether your are launching an ecommerce site or just an informative website is: Should I develop a blog? The short answer is YES! In the following article I will discuss the reasons:

Why is it important to create and share content in a blog as part of your Digital Marketing plan?


Marketing Agency Miami - blog as digital marketing tool Every online site needs a blog as part of its greater marketing plan.


What is a Blog?

A blog, first seen on the World Wide Web as personal diary or “weblogs,” is now a platform where people of all ages and professions can voice their opinion on just about anything.

Today, a blog consists of a series of content that is often organized with the most recent post appearing first. They sometimes contain information about a certain category or topic, and allow readers to leave comments on what they have just read. A blog, in essence, is a two-way communication system where the Blogger (subject matter expert) posts public information to a specific segment of people (consumers, readers or industry insiders) who are interested in hearing what the blogger has to say. Readers are then allowed to discuss, comment, share, or challenge the opinion of the content posted.

Is a blog an important component of my Digital Marketing plan?

Most business owners have asked themselves the importance of implementing a blog.  But just how important is it for a business to include a blog for digital marketing plan? Well, technically a blog will not only improve your on-site SEO and search engine rankings but can also:

  • Help you get new business opportunities
  • Augment your credibility in your industry  
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader

Blogging as a digital marketing tool to get leads

Studies and surveys suggest that there is a close relationship between blogging frequencies and generating leads. It has been proven that businesses that blog at least four to five times a week have twice the amount of traffic on their sites when compared to businesses that blog once a week.  So adding a blog for digital marketing plans should be a must have.

The added benefit is the social oomph you may receive by linking your blog to social media outlets. This simple tactic may help in building both web and social traffic by improving your chances of connecting with new people and potential customers that otherwise don’t know about you.

Blog as an online marketing tool for credibility

An important part of your digital marketing plan is to promote your credibility as a business; don’t be shy. Here is your chance to reinforce your brand and the wonderful products that you offer. People like to buy products from businesses they are familiar with, and a blog that is updated on a regular basis can produce this effect. Build a community of loyal readers and create a sense of belonging and familiarity that is directly connected to your brand.  

Blog as a digital marketing tactic

A Website normally has many objectives, like representing your business, showing your services and products, giving customers your contact details and more. Generally, it’s the kind of information that doesn’t change every month.

A blog allows you to go into specifics about certain products or services that you want to promote. For example, a dentist that offers orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and general dentistry services can create a blog post to promote a specific product, like cosmetics whitening just before the holiday season. This service may have a place on your website, but by blogging about your holiday special, you can bring in new leads the month before the holiday.

If More Content = More Impressions, you need a blog as part of your digital marketing plan


Ads are becoming inefficient, while valuable content is gaining relevance

According to marketing expert, Seth Godin, content marketing is one of the few digital marketing disciplines that will remain effective in the future.  The times of mass communication pushing brands into consumers minds are gone. Millennials, already 34% of workforce, meaning a big chunk of disposable income, do not give their loyalty easy. New generation demands something in return for their loyalty. That is why content marketing get it preeminent place in the mix. With that, blogging is becomes the main vehicle to promote that content and stay relevant in your industry.

Establish yourself as an industry expert with a Blog

An expert you say? Why yes! No matter your niche, no one does it better than you.  Strengthen your authority; people generally tend to associate a brand as an expert when they see high-quality content that is produced on a regular basis. Readers will begin to rely on your content as the go-to source for information. This, in turn, builds trust and loyalty.

A Blog keeps your SEO active

A static, unchanging website is a thing of the past. Today’s search engines look for websites that are constantly delivering value to its audience. Websites that are changing according to their customers demands and interests, that’s where having a blog as part of your digital marketing plan make sense. After all, you’re not the only website promoting your kind of services online, and chances are that many other websites are competing for your readers. Search Engines notice new content and will give more impression, and clicks to dynamic websites. So More Content = More Impressions  and that leads to more clicks and more business.

Does your website have a Blog?

If not, it is never too late to start. I’m sure you have plenty of knowledge or information that your customers will love to read. Not a writing person, no problem there are other ways to develop a blog. Become more dynamic and start blogging away your customers will notice and so will your business.

About the Author: Fernando is dedicated to digital marketing performance at 8.digital a marketing agency located in Miami, FL.

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