There is No FREE Lunch with Social Media Marketing

Published on June 6, 2017

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I haven’t read anywhere that Social Media Marketing
networks are non-profit organizations…








As you might remember a few years ago Social Media Marketing was purely organic. Both Individuals and organizations had the luxury of creating social media profiles for them or their brands, and almost overnight reach an audience that was genuinely interested in what they had to say. It was  not only free but also an intimate form of communication between consumer and brand, in a personal conversation and not as massive as traditional media.


Later it became a crowded place, where not everyone had the creativity or luxury of engaging their audience as easily as before, but in essence it was still free. After a while, somewhere around 2006 Social Media networks realized their commercial potential, or better, started using its commercial reach to monetize their users. Of course all that was accelerated when each network became a public company. All that resulted in the massive online businesses that we know today. Where there is no FREE LUNCH, due to the following:


Forget about organic growth for Social Media Marketing

Yes you can always try to grow your following organically and if you provide great value your audience will reward you with shares and likes. And your account will get new followers in the process. But let’s get real, Who has time for that? If you want to influence new customers outside your circle you better start paying or be prepared to waits for ages.


Social Media Marketing is a business like no other, but a business at the end of the day

Actually, I haven’t read anywhere that Social Media networks are non-profit organizations (if you have please let me know). So why are they going to give you access to a captive audience, that loyally visits their site everyday for free?


User became pickier with Social Media Marketing

Forget about Above-The-Line Advertising, or the time when Brands had the luxury of mass media, pushing their message into a few outlets (TV, Radio, OOH and Print) where consumer were exposed to weather they like it or not. Today, if a consumer doesn’t like an ad it is as simple as “keep scrolling” until it disappear forever from the screen. Today, you need to get involved and deliver value to your audience so they will pay attention to you. Otherwise, get lost in the super-fast highway that is the social media feed.


Social Media content consumption occurs on the GO!

More than 90% of Facebook daily visitors are from mobile phones, plus mobile users have been growing +20% year over year according to Q2 earning 2016. This mean 2 things: firstly your ads are going to be seen in a small screen, and secondly unless your post are super engaging they will get lost in the feed. Your advertising needs to be creative, straight to the point and well targeted and last 15 seconds, otherwise it will be a waste of money.


Just being there will not improve your Social Media Marketing performance

Come on this is 2017, nevertheless there are still plenty of advertising using early 2,000’s techniques for social media. Customers, especially millennials cannot be pushed thru your marketing funnel. Only putting links in social media pointing to your ecommerce site won’t be enough, customer need to be engage or captivated.


Anyone can destroy your reputation in Social Media Marketing

With the avenge of live streaming, live video and public sharing of information, anyone with a social media account can comment, give opinion or critique a brand publicly. The worst part is that anyone that follows that person can see was is published and share it. As you know bad news travel fast so as a company you need to monitor and solve issues before they become a PR disaster.


But not everything is bad with Social Media Marketing

There are far better marketing tools that in the past. At the end social networks realized that if they will compete for advertising dollars they need to provide insights and analysis tools that allow advertisers to better assess performance and investment. Even though there is no free lunch in Social Media Today, there are still plenty of opportunities to engage customer and create meaningful and lasting relationship with your customers.


About the Author: Fernando is dedicated to digital marketing performance at marketing agency located in Miami, FL

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