Social Media Marketing: Who are your social media users & what platforms do they use?

Published on August 25, 2017

Ahhh, the myth of social media marketing and its audiences… “sigh.” The standard approach for most small business owners is to sign up for as many social media platforms as possible. But that ever looming feeling of, “I’m missing out!” is wrong! The reality is that it takes resources, time, and money – yes, money – to keep up with a strategy like this.


Trying to keep up with Social Media Marketing demands at every platform it’s completely unrealistic!


New platforms pop up every day. Some stay and others are just fads. It’s important to stick to a few social media networks and manage your social media marketing well instead of opening several accounts and mediocrely handling them.


You can choose to base your core platform on an in-depth competitor analysis, or you can stick to a core group of crowd-pleasing networks for your social media marketing plan.


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For small business owners, Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising tools today. It offers the most robust advertisement options in comparison to its social media competitors, along with e-commerce call to action buttons like the Buy Button. Ads can be segmented for local sales with geo-target options that range from zip codes to city to state options.

social media marketing facebook - 8 digital marketing agency in miami

Facebook provides app promotion, lead generation campaigns, and brand awareness. Standard boosted (paid reach) posts and the ability to grow targeted audiences via paid ads are also available.


Age & Gender  

  • 88% of online adults ages 18-29
  • 84% of online adults ages 30-49
  • 62% of online adults ages 65
  • 83% Female-identified U.S users
  • 75% Male-identified U.S users


Generic Statistics

  • 1.18 billion daily active users
  • 1.09 billion mobile daily active users
  • 1.79 billion monthly active users
  • 1.66 billion mobile monthly active users
  • Approximately 84.9% daily active users outside the U.S. & Canada


Instagram by 8 digital marketing agency in miami


Instagram is the hottest platform, is owned by Facebook, and offers a catalog of images and video clips. Sometimes, words aren’t enough, and Instagram is perfect for showcasing a brand’s products visually. However, it is a mobile based app that does not allow you to hyperlink. This means that it is not as easy to set up a customer journey as in Facebook. Instagram followers have high standards when it comes to your visual assets. Nevertheless, content generated images are the main reason for Instagram to exist and succeed as a Social Media network. Important consideration, because of the user standards and characteristics of the network, just putting product images is just going to make your post look out of place.

social media marketing instagram - 8 digital marketing agency in miami

Even with those characteristics, this social network is still perfect for showcasing behind the scenes images and capturing brand enthusiasts. Most Facebook ads offer an Instagram integration for social media marketing, making it the perfect partner to your Facebook efforts.


Age & Gender  

  • 59% of online adults ages 18-29
  • 33% of online adults ages 30-49
  • 8% of online adults ages 65
  • 38% Female-identified U.S users
  • 26% Male-identified U.S users


Generic Statistics

  • 600 Million active users
  • 80% live outside of the U.S
  • 300 million daily active users
  • 89.4 million active U.S users

twitter social media marketing 8 digital marketing agency in miami



Twitter allows posts of 140 characters or less. The language is short, concise, and to the point. It’s ideal for breaking news, the hottest trends, and innovative insights. Twitter is a great platform for getting better connected with your audience and raising brand awareness. Widely used by brands as an additional source for quick and responsive customer service, Twitter’s campaign capabilities include promoted tweets, trends, and tools to gain followers. As they say in their website:

twitter by marketing agency in miami


Lately, Twitter has been taking the place as the most live social media platforms. The almost real time experience offered by Twitter is perfect for sport, news and political events that require instant response. Another, key aspect of Twitter is that it is used by many celebrities as the way to get in contact with their fan base on daily bases.


Age & Gender  

  • 36% of online adults ages 18-29
  • 23% of online adults ages 30-49
  • 10% of online adults ages 65
  • 25% Female-identified U.S users
  • 24% Male-identified U.S users


Generic Statistics

  • 313 million active users
  • 1 billion unique visits
  • 82% active mobile users
  • 79% accounts outside of the U.S.


pinterest social media marketing - 8 digital marketing agency in miami



Pinning your interests has never been so much fun! From a social media marketing standpoint, Pinterest offers the longest shelf life for content that other social media platforms. Done correctly, Pinterest can be a great source of traffic for your website, especially if you have visually appealing content with your products. Most used categories are: beauty solutions, DIY-related businesses, beautiful decor, science travel and food  & drink.  

social media marketing pinterest - 8 digital marketing agency in miamiAdditionally, Pinterest offers an e-commerce solution with buyable pins that easily connect with Apple pay or Credit Cards, and can be stored for future shopping on the App.  


Age & Gender  

  • 36% of online adults ages 18-29
  • 34% of online adults ages 30-49
  • 16% of online adults ages 65
  • 45% Female-identified U.S users
  • 17% Male-identified U.S users


Generic Statistics

  • 150 million monthly users
  • 70 million U.S monthly users
  • 80 million outside of the U.S monthly users  


social media marketing for business linkedin - 8 digital marketing agency in miami


The professional networking site. If you need hyper-targeted campaigns directed towards professionals within a particular niche, LinkedIn will be perfect for you. Far beyond campaigns, use LinkedIn to network, and establish yourself or your employees as thought leaders within the industry. This is possible thanks to Pulse, an internal blog associated with an individual’s profile.


LinkedIn is used for exchanging knowledge, ideas, and employment opportunities and has increasingly become a leading tool for helping individuals expand their professional networks


Recently upgraded social media marketing features like sponsor post, text ads, videos and even conversion “tags” they are going beyond the regular job-hunting site towards lead generations for B2B. LinkedIn, offer a unique profiling for business contact that is not available in any other social media network today.


Age & Gender  

  • 34% of online adults ages 18-29
  • 33% of online adults ages 30-49
  • 20% of online adults ages 65
  • 27% Female-identified U.S users
  • 31% Male-identified U.S users


Generic Statistics

  • World’s largest professional network
  • 467 million members in over 200 countries & territories
  • 40 million students & recent college graduates
  • Executives from every Fortune 500 company


Now that you have a better understanding of these social media marketing options ask yourself

  • Where is my target audience the most active?
  • Which social social media platform offers me the best exposure for my brand?
  • How many social media platforms can I manage successfully; 1. 2. 3, more?


Now you’re now ready to get started and focus on the right channels for your brand. Send us your feedback, your experiences and any questions that you may have.


Actually, you have to run before the information in this post obsolete….. in a few weeks.

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