Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Plan

Nowadays is so easy to get lost among so many options available for social media marketing that the better you plan your execution in advance the most efficient your ROI will be. It is not just a meter of option, it is important to understand that each campaign should have an objective. The objective should measurable as possible. So whether it is likes, # followers, Add-to-Carts, Sales, Contacts or Landing Pages Views. Here at we have perfected a step by step approach that will secure the most effective Cost-Per-Result but also in less time.

Define the objective of your Social Media Marketing execution?

Once you've decided that social media marketing is the way to go for your business, The first question to ask is where do I start? As you may know, there are plenty of social media networks available that doesn't mean that all of them are fit for your product or your service, not to mention for your marketing goals:

  • Online reputation:  a well manage social media account can be your best option to improve your business reputation. Social media marketing for reputation requires lots of work in terms of reviews, testimonials and customer interactions. For social media your reputation is as good as you're with online customer service.
  • Online sales: selling through social media marketing, take leads. you got from your social media and nurture them down your sales funnel in with a simple CRM ecosystem. The whole idea is to improve your brand reach, frequency of messaging  
  • Branding support: Drive in your brand a message through social media so you contact your  audience when your brand matters most for them. Or simply leverage your brand messaging through other communication channels.
  • Search Engine Optimization Leverage: Social media is a very useful way to promote your website. Through links from important social media messages, especially when these message reputable social media networks and are developed by customer that engages with your messaging.

Pick the network that fits best for your marketing objective?

Even though all of them are "called" social media network. A one-size-fits-all execution will work for all of them. Which network to use will mostly depend on your product/service category iand the availability of your target audience. For example: While Instagram can be a great medium for branding, it is not as good as Facebook for sales conversions and leads. On the other hand, if you are working with a very complex B2B service networks like Reddit, Medium and LinkedIn may be the way to go. While on the other hand, YouTube can give you a cheaper Cost-Per-Click than any other network. So it really depends on your objective. We at deal with million of clicks and impression every week so we can help you decide the right medium for your campaign.  

Measure your social media marketing execution?

As with any marketing project. Social Media Marketing has to be measurable. Otherwise, how would you know distinguish  a great result from a good result? For this is important to know what are you aiming for., we use Benchmark as the prefered method to forecast your business objective in social media execution. Your KPIs are defined by your objectives by social network and then checked against you competitors results. For this approach we use specialized tools that can scan a competitor so we'll know what can be achieved. Finally, it is our job as your agency to achieve those results in the most efficient way.

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