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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Execution

We do all the heavy lifting so your social media marketing execution will run as smoothly as possible. For this we have a briefing session, where the customer describes the high level and then we propose, based on research, the best way to go. That includes content theme, format, network and KPIS

1- Define a content strategy

When review in details your offer, product or service and then we review against  your competitors to discover the best contents pillars that should exploited to drive engagement, leads, etc.

2- Social Media Content Inventory

Why did Colton pillars are agree with the customer we make an inventory of the required assets in order to execute for a period (normally 1 month). This includes:

  • Number of campaigns per Network
  • Number of images and videos variations
  • Required written content by campaign.

3- Prepare your content arsenal

The content inventory is define enter the development phase. Specialized group of copywriters and designers prepare the content arsenal to fuel your social media campaigns. At the same time we prepare for A-B testing all the campaign so we can optimize your campaign to get better results.

4- Budgeting

Our benchmark methodology allow us to forecast the expected Cost-per-Result of your campaign.

5- Targeting the right audience

Defining the right audience to target can be a daunting task. For that we based our execution on your current followers and past results. We'll develop the most efficient audience to target by social media network. In this way we secure that only people that is ready to convert will be exposed to the campaign improving conversion chances.

6- Go live

We set up or review existing social media accounts depending on the on the networks that we plan to execute. We deal with all the distribution amplification and messaging for your campaign so you don't have to bother about that

7- Start measuring results

Wheat review your account performance on a daily basis to secure that everything is running smoothly.. Every campaign need some daily fine tuning to secure that expected results are achieved.

Our social media marketing execution service can be as comprehensive as you like, we know that execution social media marketing campaigns can be a daunting task for you. We can take over and secure results so you can focus on your business.

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