Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Execution

We do all the heavy lifting so your social media marketing execution will run as smoothly as possible. For this we have a briefing session, where the customer describes the high level and then we propose, based on research, the best way to go. That includes content theme, format, network and KPIS

1- Define a content strategy, what do you have to say to your audience?

2- Social Media Content Inventory, how munch do want to say?

3- Prepare your content, structure your assets inventory for the mid-term

4- Investment, not only how much ca you invest in Social Media Marketing, but what are the expected results?

5- Segment your Audience, prepare your target audience, plan for optimization along the road.

6- Go live, once you have all your resources under control it is time to jump into Social Media Marketing Execution.

7- Measure results, as quick as in the first week of execution you should start measuring performance against your Social Media Marketing plan


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