7 Reason why Small Business must start using video ads in Facebook

Published on May 16, 2017

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I guess you have been hearing about video for Social Media Marketing for quite a while. You can see it yourself, just check you Facebook and it won’t be long until you are exposed to some kind of advertising in the form of a video. Actually, check your Twitter, Instagram, visit your favorite news site and there it will be.  So maybe it is time to pay attention and start riding the video-advertising wave yourself.


1 – Video consumption continues to grow.

According to Facebook  daily video views exceed 1 billion, and that was in 2014, so there is plenty of inventory for at advertiser’s disposition.


2 – Adding videos improves performance.

Facebook IQ reported  Including video post in your mix can boost your conversion rate (up to +30%) when combined with other types of posts. So there is no need to abandon your already successful posting, but plenty of reasons (actually 30 of them) to start mixing videos with images.


3 – You don’t need an overproduced video

First, it is consumed on mobile phones, yes smaller screens. Which I’m sure you already knew, but did you know that the more natural the video is the most closer to the audience it will be? Plus Facebook, is rolling out plenty of tools that will help with production details like Power Editor and Automatic Captions.


Consumers are hungry for Video Content, but are you using it on your Social Media Marketing


4- Cost per click is better

Facebook has been leaning towards video advertising for a while, actually it is no secret that they want to get a share of the pie which was exclusive to  YouTube’s in the past. As a matter of fact they are betting heavily in video by making it the most affordable way to advertise. You better profit from that quickly before others do. 44% of Small Business Owners plan to increase their video advertising in 2017 


5- Video is perfect for today’s Social Media Marketing

Facebook is consumed mainly on mobile phones, some statistics say 80% of the time. Think, of this, how many times have you found something interesting but hadn’t had the time to read it?. If you are like me, that happens all the time, but the worst part is you then forget about it so the advertiser lost that moment. Well, that can be improved by using video, since it is quicker to absorb, and you need less time to get the point.


6 – It improves your chances of conversion

Mobile conversion tend to get higher whenever people are  on-the-go, while the opposite is true for desktop. Desktop conversions tend to pick up around mid morning while mobile increases after 4PM reaching its highest point before midnight. What does this means for small business? Well easy, plan you device segmentation around the clock so you can get the best of each time.


7 – There are new features that promise better engagement

This new format, mid-roll ads, starts your video ad once the viewer has been watched 20 seconds and are unskippable unlike YouTube. The idea is to put the ad at a point where the viewer will certainly wait to see the end. So the engagement promises to be higher, which is the objective of Social Media Marketing. This format is available with any video that lasts at least 90 seconds.


Hope there is no doubt about the real value of including video into your Social Media Marketing mix, but please don’t take my word for granted. Go and try it yourself, you won’t regret it.


PS: We ran an exercise investing $2,000 for two set of ads. One using still images and the other with video. Both targeting the same audience, and both had the same title, copy and linked to the same landing page. The result was astonishing. Not only the video ads Relevance Scores increased from 6 to 9, but also conversions increased 3x with the same budget.


About the Author: Fernando is dedicated to digital marketing performance at 8.digital a digital marketing agency located in Miami, FL

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