We manage and develop your Pay-Per-Click campaigns so they will deliver a reliable short and mid-term recurrent flow of visitors to your site. Pay-per-Click is any model of online advertising where Advertisers (Business) paid a monetary value for each click that is promoted by a Search Engine or Social Media Network which is directing traffic to the Advertisers’ website or App.

For us Paid Media, is an important component of your media mix that will complement as a short term alternative to SEO is really a compliment that may be used depending on business objectives and sales cycle of your services and products. Available paid media networks and formats:

Search Engine Marketing, 8 digital marketing agency Miami

Paid Search

We’ll guide you in the purchasing of ads in AdWords or Bing. For that we will set your bidding strategy by device and schedule for the right keywords so your ads will show for relevant search terms that will create new business opportunities.

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Social Media Advertising, 8 digital marketing agency Miami

Social Media Advertising

We’ll identify the best social network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.)

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Retargeting and remarketing, 8 marketing agency Miami

Retargeting / Remarketing

We leverage your paid search and social media execution to reinforce your message thru display retargeting on social media and advertising network.

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Display Advertising, 8 digital marketing agency Miami

Display Advertising

Long are gone the times when Display Advertising consisted of incorporating banners in high traffic website with the hope that one potential customer would click an ad and magically appear on your site.

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Video Advertising, 8 digital marketing agency Miami

Video Advertising

Improve your prospects engagement with your brand by targeting them on video platforms.

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Google Maps Advertising, 8 digital marketing agency Miami

Google Maps Advertising

You can leverage from your business location to target location based searches that will increase off-line visitors and online inquires for your products.

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