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Having your ecommerce site technically sound is one thing, but having your site up to the latest design trends is another thing. As part of our services we will suggest better imagery, creative product bundling ideas as well as mobile user experience to your site layout, improved color-code to reinforce the call-to-action for traffic generation. Online Trade Marketing, will segment your offer in terms of: destination products, hot products, income generating product and repetitive products. So you will maximize your online real state for each visit received.

Internet Marketing Terms:

Ecommerce Analytics: are statistical information from all areas of your ecommerce site, including you online marketing and sales activities as well as user behavior within your site. This information is valuable since it can prevent you from wasting valuable finite resources in places where customers/visitors are not converting and allows you to focus on the products and marketing channels that generate the most business. There are many analytics tools out there Google Analytics is the most commonly used, setting up analytics in your ecommerce site can be a daunting task but we can help you with that.

Online Trade Marketing: cdeals with the internal design and structure of your ecommerce store. It’s normally divided in two aspects: on-site structure and promotional execution. On-site layout should be structured in a way where customer easily find products and are subtlety bias towards conversion (buying) by redefining color-codes, listing order and transparent shopping process. This aspect should be checked for mobile and desktop visitor as well. The other aspect is promotional execution, which deal with pricing, product bundling, and complementary product pairing tactics so you can increase your average visit income.

Inbound Marketing for Ecommerce: Long gone are the times where marketers job was to push products and brands in front of customer so they will buy. Today’s online customer need to be attracted to your brand by earning their attention by delighting them with an accurate value proposition so they become your customer in good faith. Of course this is only possible if your products are easily found on the web. Inbound Marketing is more about informing and educating than promoting and pushing products. You get customers to your shopping cart.

Online Demand Generation (ODM) for Ecommerce: is the process of converting a potential audience in the form of buying personas (segmentation) into qualified leads and later into customers by the use of diverse digital marketing techniques. Online Demand Generation is of special importance for ecommerce marketing strategy since it will guide all the required marketing initiatives from awareness to check-out in a buying process. ODM is a combination of inbound, lead nurturing and direct response initiatives, it could be in the form of paid, owned or earned media.

Product Bundling for Ecommerce: Bundling products are any on-site promotional tactics included in the buying process of an ecommerce business site with the objective of increasing the average sale ticket. It has three main forms: discount per quantity, complementary products and conceptual offers like “normally bought together” products. It is different from seasonal calendar but generally work together. Product bundling usually goes within the Online Trade Marketing plan, and need a big deal of Analytics to be implemented properly.

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