What is Online Demand Generation?

Published on July 30, 2017

At 8.digital, we believe the online demand generation process should place a business in the best possible position – between its internal digital resources and its audience – to gain a more effective selling system. A system where you can source leads, turn these leads into qualified leads, and engage and nurture these leads until your customers are ready to buy.


Marketing Agency Miami devoted to Online Demand Generation

Online Demand Generation thru social media, SEO and paid search should be scalable and repeatable process that is always improving performance


We truly believe that demand generation creates a marriage between marketing and sales initiatives. Our goal is to continually fuel marketing qualified leads that have been targeted and refined to achieve sales objectives. Moreover, the whole idea of online demand generation is to design a selling process that can be repeated over and over again in a sustainable manner.


We understand that marketing and sales processes are sometimes perceived as different, but both have the same goal. At 8.digital, we use Demand Generation as a program that is coupled with sales to find the best ROI. Whether you’re using SEO, Social Media Marketing or Content Marketing.


Online Demand Generation thru Social Media Marketing, SEO and Paid Search channels should be a scalable and repeatable process.


The main objective is to facilitate brand discovery and demand creation for a product by powering leads through repeatable processes. We believe that a strategic, well thought-out demand generation campaign is the engine that keeps the internal mechanisms moving. That way the entire machine moves swiftly and effectively for continual growth of a company. Whether your goal is brand recognition, e-commerce conversion, content consumption or selling advertising.


We have seen that the most effective way of getting customers excited about a brand is through unified programs. Programs that enhance inter-communication, productivity, and overall company success. We have the resources to optimize a brand’s sales cycle through various touch points to effectively communicate and engage prospects.


At 8.digital, we absolutely believe that demand generation is a data driven strategy. The data allows us to target the right people for the right brand.

About the Author: Fernando is in charge of digital marketing performance at 8.digital an online marketing agency in Miami, FL.

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