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On-Site SEO

Involves all aspect of a website that requires changes or optimization that are under the site domain. The objective of On-Site SEO is to guarantee that search engines easily index and understand the objective of the site so they can rank it better for a determined product or service. Think of On-site SEO as the way a search engine is able to read and explore your website, which is totally different that the way a human eye does it. On-SIte SEO consists on technical and non-technical aspects that need to be in synchrony to work toward a common objective. This include content itself in the form of text, images, etc and HTML source code.

Among the non-technical aspect that may influence search engines rankings are: focus on an specific content per page, the uniqueness of that content and how well is that content included within the context of the site by using keywords, titles, URL and images.

On-Site SEO is not only the technicalities of developing a website, mobile app or landing page but more about the overall Marketing Strategy used to improve relevant traffic to visit your site and find what that traffic is looking for.

An well optimized web page may include:

  • Be relevant to a unique topic. This can be a service or a product.
  • Contain a Title tag that clearly explain what a visitor will find in the page.
  • Contain a URL that describes the offered service or product.
  • The use of relevant images that support and explain the value of the page.
  • All these images may include alt text.
  • Be unique, not only in the world wide net, but also within the same site.
  • No duplicated content.
  • Links to other relevant pages on the same site in order to improve user experience and value to the visitor.
  • Use structured data markup (schema markup) to appear in enhanced listings for online search results by giving "reach answer"to popular topics.
  • Location data, if you service or product appeals to local searches. Or at least a link to the location data on the whole site.

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