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Off-Site SEO

Contrary to on-site SEO, Off-site SEO deals with any initiative taking place outside the domain of a website. In the past, off-Site SEO was limited to link building. Which consist on putting some links on an external website (no matter which) pointing to yours, with the hope of improving rankings positions. Search engines have outsmart that practice and link building is not as effective as it once was. So, please forget any link building scheme or exchange since it is considered a Black Hat Technique that you don't want to part of.

Off-Site SEO today is linked to content marketing and the distribution of that unique content in order to make other online properties to cite your content (put a link to your website) that may send quality traffic your way. The difference is that the referral site should have some relevance to your content, that why it is called "quality traffic". Off-Site SEO is important because it is a "measure" about how relevant your site may be for a determined topic. Imagine than in the past you bought books out of your peers recommendation or simply because it was the recommended book for a course at school. Well, links is the way for websites, social media user or simple readers to recommend a peer to go to your website. If you happen to be an expert on "Dog Training", chances are that some Dogs Owner may find your content interesting and decide to share your URL. So, his friends will read about your dog training techniques. Google is taking note of that behavior and if someone else is searching for "Dog Training" it may send that user your way it the form of a prominent organic ranking.

Nowadays, on-Site SEO can be grouped into 4 initiatives: Link make-up, Natural Links, Social Media and Bookmarking.

  • Link Make-Up: deals with the already established links that you online property has. The problem is that those links may be on executed on the best possible way. We reach out to any referral website and asked them to correct anchor text and URL if needed. Of course all of that is valid as long as your links are natural. The same applies to your company profile in directories. Once more only relevant directories for your niche.
  • Natural Links: it is not an easy task but nevertheless a possible one. It consists on the creation of a super valuable and unique content that others websites will be tempted to share that information, through a link on their website, with their audience so they can be informed. It has to be natural, a little web PR may help, but at the end it will depend on the value of your content.
  • Social Media: social networks have become the go-to place for update information and content. Because of that it present a good opportunity to give exposure to your quality and relevant content and as a consequence a form of getting links. There are many theories about the value of social media for Off-Site SEO, but if user tend to honestly share your content chances are that Google will see it as a way to recognize that you are an expert in your topic and surely improve your SERP.
  • Bookmarking: it use to add more value to SEO in the past, but it is a still a valuable practice. It consist on the creation of your company or brand name profile in relevant site for your audience.

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