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Ecommerce normally starts from a vision of selling the best products without having a to rely on physical visitors that passed by a retail location. Ecommerce is the interchange of goods or services for money via electronic transactions. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to set up an ecommerce site where you can list your wonderful products so millions of customers will buy from you making you an Internet millionaire in the process. What many ecommerce business fail to foresee is that setting up an ecommerce site is only a small portion of the process. Of the dozen of millions of ecommerce sites available in the world today only 20% stay in business long enough to make a profit.

When most people think about starting an ecommerce business, they think of selling amazing product that will enable them the freedom to work on something they truly enjoy. What many people don’t see is that launching an ecommerce venture is hard work; it needs investing in an ecommerce platform, defining you brand, setting a pricing strategy and listing your products. All that entails great effort, time and investment of marketing dollars, but despite early enthusiasm their ecommerce enterprise barely moves at the desired pace of their business plan. The problem is not the quality of the product or the business model, the real issue is that an ecommerce business needs to be seen as part of a bigger ecosystem that requires on-site and off-site capabilities in order to succeed.

For this we developed an integral assessment process that will take care of every aspect of your ecommerce business from end-to-end.

ecommerce listing optimization, 8 marketing agency Miami

Listing Optimization

Site Structured for Conversion of your current ecommerce structure. We will review the whole buying process that your customers currently endure in order to buy from you.

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tracking and ecommerce analytics, 8 digital marketing agency Miami

Tracking and Ecommerce Analytics

If there is no tracking implemented on your ecommerce store you are just half way to success.

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ecommerce marketing strategy, 8 digital marketing agency Miami

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

From inbound marketing and pay media to your content development and product offering.

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Online Trade Marketing, 8 digital marketing agency Miami

Online Trade Marketing Performance

Having your ecommerce site technically sound is one thing, but having your site up to the latest design trends is another thing.

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