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Internal Linking Structure

This is one of those topics that seems obvious to anyone when developing a website, but at the same time it is one of the most overlooked issues when developing your content strategy. The concept of internal linking is simple: It is the structure that a webmaster put in place to past SEO juice from one page of your website to another. Of course this should be done in a way that leverage your content in favor of your Search Engine Ranking Positions.

At we will propose a internal linking structure based on the amount of content of your website and the potential to rank of certain core areas of your product or service. This is done in line with the keyword strategy and the natural reading flow of your site.

Our recommendation is to plan your internal links once a content strategy has been defined. For this we’ll propose core pages, supporting pages and landing pages hierarchy. The idea is to put your content and supporting pages to add value to your core pages which are the ones that will ultimately receive the SEO juice and better SERPs.

Link or SEO juice, is defined as the relevance that a page, either internal or external passed to another page within a site so it will get a better pagerank from search engines.

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