Amazon Ranking Optimization

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Improve the Search-Ability of your Listing

Your listing search-ability is the most important aspect of your business within Amazon. This is what is known as Amazon Listing Optimization Only with proper listed products customers will be able to find and purchase your products which otherwise will be buried below thousands of products within the same Amazon rankings. It is important to understand the driver of each category, for this a thoroughly Amazon keyword assessment needs to be executed as well listing benchmark analysis so any customer will easily find your product. Once a search-ability analysis has been developed, it is time to change all your product titles, description and bullets points accordingly so your product will appear when relevant keywords are typed in the search field.

Keywords are monitored constantly and changed every certain period (we recommend 2 weeks at the beginning and every month for established business) Keep in mind that if your product is being sold by another vendor, he/she may be the owner of the listing and adapting that listing will be required if the vendor is willing to do it, which is not always the case.

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