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Digital Marketing Opportunity
Assessment & Forecast

Once the competitive gap is available, and the optimal conversion path is designed we can use historical data and facts to forecast expected results from our recommended digital ecosystem. For our customers setting the business goals is easy. Since the cost of acquisition (CPA) is known it is possible to forecast the necessary resources to execute that plan and obtain the required results.

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Internet Marketing Terms:

Competitive Gap Analysis: when competing online it is possible to accurately describe the online tactics of your competition, as well as the digital platform most used (Facebook, AdWords, Mobile, Content Marketing, SEO, etc.)

CPA: cost per acquisition is an online marketing model where advertiser know the real cost of converting a visitor into a qualifying action. Cost of converting a visitor into a lead.

CPA Forecast: once a category has been correctly mapped by traffic source, CTR and marketing cost a good estimation of the money required to make a visitor perform a qualifying action in your website or app can be estimated with great precision.

Opportunity Assessment: based on the search volume of relevant keyword for your product or service a good estimation of the total available market by digital channel can be obtained. This estimate serves as the base to forecast the available opportunity online by geography, segment and language.

Performance by Traffic Source: traffic sources are the different ways that a customer has to reach your website or App. Depending on the category or product a customer the performance of each source may differ in volume and performance.

ROI: return on investment is a financial term that measures the ratio of profits over the monetary value required to generate that income. In digital marketing consist in the income obtained by the activation of digital channels and paid media.

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