6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Published on May 10, 2017


As a small business owner, your resources are limited. You, not only need to ensure that your business is growing every day, but also keep up with operations, finance, and many other general administrative tasks. Fortunately, the work of a digital marketing agency is one of the few tasks that can be delegated and here are six reasons why.


Digital Marketing requires time, lots of it

Realistically, do you think that working just a few hours a week on digital marketing is enough? The majority of marketers (59% of them) spend at least 6 hours or more each week and that only covers social media management according to Social Media Examiner. Social media management and advertising is time consuming, but what about others task like SEO or SEM.


It requires focus

Digital Marketing is a 24/7 job. Your eyes need to be on the ball at all times. Just because you consider a digital channel to be trendy, it doesn’t mean you have to be on it. Only 50% of organization have a defined strategy for digital marketing (Smart Insights) that’s why the other half fail, lack of focus.


Its needs a sound content marketing plan and it has to be relevant to your audience

Relevant content is the only way you will create engagement with your target, but this demands a lot of time and effort. Only 31% of companies are creating content. Who is going to sit down a write those amazing posts?… creating content is the most common bottleneck for every company that is embarking in a digital marketing execution. At the same time


It requires an acute eye for media management

Not everybody understands the right balance between paid and organic media. Don’t become an addict of paid media. The Google’s and Facebook’s of this world will eat you alive. This investment should not be a guessing game; media budgets can evaporate in minutes if you don’t know how to correctly implement them. Lack of planning before execution is the most common mistake for paid search and social media marketing fail. One of the main objectives of a Digital Marketing agency is to help your brand achieve some organic traction by itself.


It must be financially sound

This is not a game; It is your hard earned money. Nevertheless, many businesses are measuring your Return On Investment incorrectly. If you don’t understand your consumers online habits how will you measure your execution? According to Adobe, 52% of marketers allude to having difficulties measuring their ROI, and many Digital Marketing Agencies don’t know that either, so better pick the right one.


It is a business, so treat it as such

The fact that you spend 2 hours per day using social media doesn’t make you an expert. Creating a sustainable source of business out of digital marketing is a whole other ball game. No wonder why 80% of social media campaign fail to deliver.



8.digital marketing agency in Miami FL

Bonus – a Digital Marketing Agency may be cheaper than you think

Have you ever thought of how much your personal time is worth?  after all, nobody knows more about your business than you do… don’t waste your precious time learning new tasks that can be easily delegated for less than you may think.


After all, it all comes to hiring the right digital marketing agency. Your management style may not fit with any agency and vice versa. Make your homework and look for the one that fits your business style and strategy.


About the Author: Fernando is dedicated to digital marketing performance at 8.digital a digital marketing agency located in Miami, FL


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