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Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing is not a short-term affair; it’s a long-term commitment that requires continual collaboration and engagement to succeed. To ensure your content marketing breaks through thin immense amount of information, you need a strategic plan to ensure that your information stands out from the crowd regardless of the amount of resources you have.

The first step is to define the goals for your content marketing plan. These goals should be aligned with those of your business and the most common options are to:

  • Support your brand by extending the reach of branded content.
  • Generate business leads preferably qualified ones.
  • Close sales by providing content customers seek.
  • Keep more customers by giving them post-purchase support.

This is how the content marketing planning process should flow:

  • Set your content mission to achieve your business goals.
  • Select information your audience are seeking and audit existing content.
  • Build an editorial calendar.
  • Put in place a tracking plan.
  • Calculate your ROI resources needed over potential.

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