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Buyer Personas

This is an effective way to define your target customers, which will help identifying topics you should be covering. Knowing your content marketing audience in the context of their information usage is a key point of differentiation. Each persona you develop through research should answers the following questions:

  • How do they make a buying decision?
  • What are their objections?
  • What gaps in information is your content filling?
  • Understand the readiness-to-buy (awareness, interest, consideration, and purchase intent)

Focus on creating a sequential flow where each content asset “continues the conversation” by building on the previous content.

Internet Marketing Terms:

Readiness-To-Buy: a visitor to your website may be in many different point of his/hers buying cycle. For example: a customer may only be starting to understand an offer, or may be comparing among competing products or may just be ready to close a sale. Those different point are a measure of the readiness-to-buy process. The typical stages of a buying process are awareness, interest, consideration, and purchase intent. Why is this important? Depending on the stage they are in we will determine which message is the most suitable for him/her.

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