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Published on July 29, 2017

The Top 5 questions to ask before launching your online marketing project

Every day, hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs think about new business ideas to launch online marketing projects. No wonder by 2014 there were more than a billion websites out there (NetCraft). But how many of those sites actually succeed? We have found plenty of sources that report that more than two-thirds of online projects don’t even survive the first 120 da
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Published on June 6, 2017

There is No FREE Lunch with Social Media Marketing

      I haven’t read anywhere that Social Media Marketing networks are non-profit organizations...               As you might remember a few years ago Social Media Marketing was purely organic. Both Individuals and organizations had the luxury of creating social media profiles for them
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Published on June 2, 2017

You Should Start Using SMS Ads in Your Pay Per Click Mix

    Just think of this, how many times have you solved a regular business activity via SMS? How did it feel…. effective isn't it? Well according to Forrester, over 6 billion text messages are sent out in the U.S. each day. Of those, a good portion are business related, actually 79% of companies believe that their customer would like SMS communication
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Published on May 30, 2017

16 Ways Small Business’ Online Marketing Waste Money

    Small Business Online Marketing is a an effective yet economical way to market products or services. Unfortunately, online marketing could also be a fancy way to burn marketing dollars. Here is a list of 16 common ways to waste doing Online Marketing. Some of them are just mistakes due to inexperience, others just bad timing and maybe misundersta
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Published on May 16, 2017

7 Reason why Small Business must start using video ads in Facebook

I guess you have been hearing about video for Social Media Marketing for quite a while. You can see it yourself, just check you Facebook and it won't be long until you are exposed to some kind of advertising in the form of a video. Actually, check your Twitter, Instagram, visit your favorite news site and there it will be.  So maybe it is time to pay attention and st
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