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Who We Are

Ranging from data geeks all the way to creative digital enthusiasts, Our Digital Agency in Miami is made up of individuals with passion for results.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency, that designs and implements digital marketing strategies for Online Demand Generation. We aim to achieve business growth and brand transformation through our innovative thinking and a unique approach to internet marketing.

Through digitally led strategic solutions, we synchronize marketing plans with sales processes to drive awareness and increase interest in acompany's internet marketing services, products and or services. A unique concept that evolves current processes into accelerated results, which transform a company's bottom line.

Our Internet Marketing services are led by expert digital consultants that serve your business wishing to expand and augment online demand.

Our objectives is to leverage the appropriate digital tools to create a demand for your product in the market.

Why Work With Us

8.digital conducts itself under a fully transparent manner that is committed to what we offer. Our unique 3 steps FACT-BASED strategic method has proved to be highly effective and efficient in driving leads and sales through online channels. Our methodoly DIgital Business Ready is a proprietary method developed by 8.digital in Miami, Florida leveraging our international exposure to multiple business cultures.

Creating unique opportunities through digital marketing and Internet marketing services we analyze the current situation; propose a solution and work towards the results.

8.digital is passionate about our client’s objectives and we seeks to fulfill our promises and agreements.

Our Team

The advantage of our team is the ability to think strategically using demand generation. 8.digital is a strategic group of multifaceted professionals that use their acute vision of Internet marketing to generate creative and radical solutions for their clients.

Our Pledge

Keep it simple, Transparent and Effective.

Management Team


Digital Performance Director

Everything digital must have a well defined purpose, otherwise you're executing Digital Marketing wrong.


Business Strategist

MBA at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Entrepreneur. His “customer experience” expertise comes from his time at McKinsey and Co and Amazon.com.


Senior Designer

Graphic designer with more than 9 years of experience in identity systems, branding, logos, illustration, websites, print ads, SM, IU/UX and more.


Ecommerce Specialist

A digital geek with a passion for creativity and brand development. With vast experience and especialization in E-Commerce and Social media.


Graphic Designer

Graphic designer with more than 6 years of experience in web design, brand identity, branding, packaging, social media ads and fabric design.


Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer with more than 12 years of experience in branding, print design, and web design, based on digital strategies for Online Demand Generation.



Industrial Engineer from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. Entrepreneur. Industrial Engineer with an extensive background in strategic consulting with Santander Group.





Serial digital entrepreneur, with experience in multicultural digital solutions for LATAM. Speaker, professor and juror on digital entrepreneurship subjects and projects.

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8.digital is a strategic group of multifaceted professionals that use their acute vision of Internet marketing to generate creative and radical solutions for their clients.

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